LASC Zine Book Club Signup

The Los Angeles Spoonie Collective is presenting an exciting Zine Book Club and we want you to be a part of it! We will be talking about and making zines with some of the most important creators in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

Roughly once a month beginning on July 30, 2021, LASC will host a sliding scale, NOTAFLOF online event centering the voices of disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent zinesters, AND we will be sending out digital copies of the hosted creator’s zine for everyone to share. Zine Book Club events will be closed spaces for disabled, neurodivergent, and chronically ill people in order to make them safer and more affirming for all those participating.

The first month will be extra special as it will include a zine making workshop with many of the members of the Spoonie Collective’s core group. In this workshop we will be creating a mini-zine together and talking about how important zines are, and what they mean to disabled peoples.

Included in the following sign up sheet are requests for basic information, like your email address. We ask for this information so that we can be sure to send you a copy of the zine for the month, as well as the Zoom link for the event. We will also ask you to consent to the group rules listed below, and agree to follow them when attending Zine Book Club. Failure to do so may result in removal from the event and possible future events.

Please note that we will not finalize your sign up until we receive the sliding scale payment of $7-23 per event.

We will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds, however, it is vitally important that those who are able to pay, do. That way our labor, and the labor of our presenters, is supported. Every $23 donated will also help to fund one person who is unable to pay, and to help them participate! 🙂


Zine Club Code of Conduct:

  1. This is a Fat Disabled BIPOC/QTIFOC-led space, just so you know there will be no fuckery tolerated.
  2. No hate speech or abusive behavior. This includes white fragility or cissupremacist language (transmisia or enby erasure i.e. calling us “ladies and gents”) femmemisic or fatmisic comments, and nonconsensual sexual advances.
  3. Ableism of ANY KIND will not be tolerated. If you are called out on ableism listen, reflect, grow, and learn!
  4. Be respectful of others’ experience, knowledge, and feelings. When giving advice try to avoid condescending. Ask what kind of response folks want to a statement or question, if it’s unclear.
  5. Please be mindful of the space you take up. Be aware that this space contains multiple identities and intersections, and that they deserve space to speak their truths without fear of interruption. Also, please make space for and respect the presenter(s).
  6. Practice accountability. If you are called out, before reacting, take a deep breath. Pause. Reflect on whether you need to just say “thank you” and keep it moving.
  7. Practice restraint. We don’t support policing reactions to offensive statements, but for the purpose of these events, please try to avoid escalating the situation with personal insults. Callouts should be constructive.