The Los Angeles Spoonie Collective Core Team

Who We Are

Our collective consists of twenty-one (21) members spread out over various counties in the Los Angeles area (Tongva land).

The folk listed here make up our core steering committeethe heart and soul of LASC and our fellowship, a group of our most active members.


Lilac Vylette Maldonado


Lilac Vylette Maldonado (she/they) is a community organizer and culture worker who identifies as a sick & disabled, neurodivergent, Two-Spirit, Chicanx femme. She has been actively organizing since 2009 around many intersectional social justice issues such as racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, and body autonomy and acceptance. They are an avid zinester who has written and created artwork for various academic and social justice themed DIY booklets. She is a co-founding member of and logistics coordinator for the Los Angeles Spoonie Collective, a grassroots disability justice group connecting disabled activists and artists to community organizing and education opportunities.

Hatfield System


The Hatfield System are a group of individuals sharing a single body. Together, they have shown that even those with many identities that are oppressed can be highly successful. Everyone within the system has worked together to contribute to our communities as librarians, and activists who have worked with many transgender and disability rights groups and projects. The Hatfield system has always loved working, affirming, and helping others and making a difference. Passionate geeks, the system also loves to chat about books, tea, movies, animals, anime and manga, writing, haiku poetry, unusual music, wicca, Chinese medicine, animation, wrestling, and arcades and claw machines, just to name a few of their many passions.

Laurent Ash Corralez

Social Media Manager

Laurent Ash Corralez is a transmasculine anarchoqueer community organizer with arthrogryposis living in the Inland Empire. They have been organizing for 18 years and have been a part of various orgs such as Bienestar, Black Lives Matter IE, Los Angeles Queer Resistance, Revolutionary Autonomous Communities LA, and Queer Youth Advocacy Day. Corralez is also a zinester who writes about being disabled, punk, and queer. They believe that all forms of oppression are connected and work with other intersectional queers to promote mutual aid and create safer spaces for marginalized individuals. You can read Laurent’s zines and listen to their spoken word on their website.

Sade Musa


Sade Musa is a folk herbalist, wellness educator, and activist who is also a disabled, ill, and neurodivergent mixed-Black cis queer femme. Motivated by her own experiences navigating a deeply racist and sexist medical system, and similarly problematic alternative healing spaces, she is dedicated to helping others advocate for their wellbeing. Sade founded Roots of Resistance — an educational project reclaiming ways of healing disrupted by colonization, challenging narratives invisibilizing Afro-diasporic contributions to medicine, and bringing attention to health disparities and other forms of injustice. Through ROR she offers donation-based and sliding scale herbal classes and remedies, leads plant walks, and donates medicine to various wellness programs.

Tasha Fierce

Operations Manager

Tasha Fierce (they/them/the divine feminine) is an infinite being. They are also: a crazy fat queer disabled nonbinary femme, a Black feminist, a writer, an artist, a facilitator, an activist, a scholar, an anarchist, a witch, a gardener, a transition doula, a lover of shadow, and an intermittent ray of light currently residing in the occupied Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. Their essays have been published in White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race and Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love, and Fashion, as well as Bitch,, Bitch Planet and other publications. Their fiction appears in the anthology Nothing Without Us by Renaissance Press.

LASC Fellows

Bri M.

Bri. M (ze/zir) is a Black, Jamaican-American, queer, non-binary, disabled alien-prince from The Bronx. Ze is a political agitator with a fierce desire to change the way disabled people are seen in mass media. Ze is the host, producer, editor and sound engineer of POWER NOT PITY, a podcast about the lived experiences of disabled people of color. Ze is committed to interjecting disability justice in any conversation ze has and loves to cultivate collaborative energy with writers, artists and storytellers within zir community. Bri was a 2019 Echoing Ida fellow and the 2019 Stitcher Breakthrough Fellow. Ze was a 2019 Werk It! Presenter and was featured at the Afros and Audio Festival in 2020.

Picture of a Tolupan Two spirit womanface with blue lips and multicolor eye shadow, headwrap and flower crown posing in between the shadow and light of bushes taken on the gardens behind parliament in colonizers land (Portugal)

Marie Angel Venarsian

Marie Angel is a Two Spirit Afro-Indigenous disabled woman of Trans experience born in Tolupán land, Honduras.

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